Curriculum Map Faqs

Person-centred care

z Identify the individual’s wellness ideas regarding cigarette smoking as well as either reinforce, modify or challenge these ideas
as appropriate.
z Negotiate a person self-management prepare for asthma in collaboration with the person.
z Connect diagnosis honestly and sensitively to people with incurable disabling respiratory system problems,
such as COPD as well as metastatic lung cancer cells, and share unpredictability when the patient wants this details.
z Demonstrate empathy and also compassion towards individuals with incurable disabling respiratory system problems.
z Utilise illness signs up and also data-recording themes properly for opportunistic as well as scheduled surveillance
of respiratory problems to make sure continuity of care between different doctor.
Specific analytic skills
z Use expertise of the loved one prevalence of respiratory troubles to help medical diagnosis.
z Describe the alarm system symptoms for lung cancer.
z Recognise specific groups of clients at higher threat of acquiring a breathing infection, e.g. asthmatics and also
those with various other underlying lung pathology, HIV/AIDS, immune-compromised, alcoholics, the frail (old.
as well as young).
z Explain the role of serial top flow dimension, reversibility testing and also spirometry in the medical diagnosis of.
asthma as well as COPD.
z Interfere quickly when individuals present with a respiratory system emergency, e.g. anaphylaxis, breathed in international.
body, epiglottitis, etc.