Curriculum Documents

The e-Portfolio – Notes on a Presentation given by Dr Arthur Hibble at the
Royal College of General Practitioners on Friday 2 February 2007

1. The e-Portfolio is above all a learning log, not a collection of assessments or a record of
attainment. The centre of GP learning is patient care so the entry point for the e-Portfolio is
learning as a doctor. On entering the user name and password the doctor will be able to open
a page offering the above routes.

2. Trainees will have their own learning log in which they can record notes on significant
clinical encounters, lectures attended, professional conversations and any reading they have
done. Each item is personal to the GPR until such time as they permit it to be shared. These
learning entries can be tagged with a curriculum heading for future searching and assessment.
The Personal Development Plan is an ever-changing ‘To Do’ list of identified learning and
experience needs. This will be the heart of the formal and informal reviews between trainee
and trainer.

A search facility will be able to find records by date, type, keywords, etc.
3. In addition to the RCGP curriculum, and the New Professionals Website, the Learning
Resources section will include a range of e learning materials currently being written and links
to other sources of information including the E-Learning for Healthcare e-modules referred to
above as ‘ITI’. Adverts for RCGP courses will be sent directly to e-Portfolios.
4. The e-Portfolio includes a generous personal storage space for files, downloads, video
clips, etc. This section also includes a search facility to find that useful article stored many
months earlier and a link to the National Electronic Library for Health which we hope will be
able to be opened with the original sign on.

5. The e-Portfolio is the way in which GPs in training will collect and collate their evidence of
learning and performance as for the nMRCGP. It will offer an overview of current position on
the journey to CCT, as a complete record of their assessments. The results of the AKT and
CSA will be sent directly to the e-Portfolio. The records of COTs, CBDs, MSF and all the other
assessment tools will be stored for immediate and convenient retrieval.

6. The e-Portfolio will have messaging facilities that will send alerts and messages between
trainees and supervisors. It will not be a public email system. We hope that in a very short
time that it will be able to handle SMS messaging and hold voice mail. We see this as being
the place where the doctors in learning communicate with their trainers, the deanery and the
7. The key documents will be accessed from within the e-Portfolio and there will be links to the
RCGP homepage and curriculum website.