Why did the RCGP choose to include the CSA in its examination?


In deciding on an appropriate model for a clinical examination in general practice, but mindful of the likely numbers of candidates, and considerations of feasibility, validity and reliability, the College reviewed most of the commonly used methods in medical assessment such as OSCEs, PACES, Long Cases, Oral examinations, mini-CEX, DOPS[1], videos of consultations, Simulated Surgery, … Read more

MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) Information Paper

Clinical Skills Assessment

The MRCGP is comprised of three independently assessed components: workplace-based assessment, an applied knowledge test (AKT) and a clinical skills assessment (CSA). During the CSA the candidate is assessed undertaking 13 clinical scenarios (cases); until September 2010 all 13 cases were marked but only 12 cases were counted towards the candidate’s overall score.  The 13th … Read more

Appendix: COT Performance Criteria


PC1: The doctor is attended encourage the patient’s payment at proper points in the appointment. z PC2: The physician is attended reply to signals (hints) that result in a much deeper understanding of the issue. z PC3: The doctor makes use of appropriate mental and also social information to place the grievance( s) in context. … Read more

Clinical Skills Assessment

Professional Skills Evaluation

The Professional Skills Evaluation (CSA) is an important component of the MRCGP, and also is ‘an evaluation of a doctor’s capability to integrate and use scientific, specialist, communication and also sensible abilities appropriate for basic technique’. A PowerPoint presentation concerning the CSA is available below. GPStRs will be eligible to take the CSA when they … Read more