Appendix: COT Performance Criteria

PC1: The doctor is attended encourage the patient’s payment at proper points in the appointment.
z PC2: The physician is attended reply to signals (hints) that result in a much deeper understanding of the issue.
z PC3: The doctor makes use of appropriate mental and also social information to place the grievance( s) in context.
z PC4: The medical professional checks out the person’s health and wellness understanding.
z PC5: The medical professional acquires adequate info to include or omit most likely appropriate substantial conditions.
z PC6: The physical/mental exam selected is most likely to confirm or negate hypotheses that can
sensibly have been created, OR is created to deal with a patient’s worry.
z PC7: The doctor appears to make a medically suitable functioning medical diagnosis.
z PC8: The physician clarifies the problem or diagnosis in suitable language.
z PC9: The doctor especially seeks to verify the patient’s understanding of the diagnosis.
z PC10: The administration strategy (including any kind of prescription) is suitable for the functioning medical diagnosis,
showing a good understanding of modern-day accepted clinical technique.
z PC11: The patient is given the opportunity to be associated with substantial monitoring decisions.
z PC12: Makes reliable use resources.
z PC13: The medical professional specifies the conditions and also interval for follow-up or testimonial

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